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I am so excited to announce officially that I am the Owner and CEO of Trim Down Global Affiliate Program.

In the very near future the Word Press blog will be turned into a Multi-Site Word Press Blog site.  So as you join up to be an affiliate of my company you will receive a Word Press Blog to promote yourself, your affiliate referral link and also the Trim Down Fiber Plus+ product to customers.

I will be providing training on how to utilize this blog template to market for SEO.  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

I am so excited that you wish to join me on this amazing journey and if you haven’t already joined me or signed up to be an affiliate, you can do so by clicking on this link

If you would like to listen to my ideas and the vision I have for this company before you decide to become an affiliate of my company, you may do so by clicking on this link.

If you choose to continue your path with another venture, I wish you nothing but success on your journey!!
Wendy Bongalis-Royer
Trim Down Global

In case you haven’t heard…..

Well in case you haven’t heard, I am no longer with Skinny Body Care.  So since this blog has been a running diary for me since 2005, I have now had to go back through all my posts and delete any links that were posted on here.
I am almost done updating it………….
How impossible is it and painstaking to erase 3 years of your life.  LOL
Oh well, moving on up.
Talk to you soon, keep a look out for important announcements coming soon!
Wendy Bongalis-Royer

SUCH cool and AMAZING Families!!

Its not often that I feel super envious but I have to say when it comes to some of these awesome videos I see on YouTube it makes me a bit green with envy that some people have some pretty cool families!!

I watch these videos and as I start bee bopping along I can’t help but wish I was that COOL!

I am going to spend the rest of the day searching YouTube for some awesome and fun families like this one!!

In case you want some more Christmas Spirit, check out my all time favorite Video!!  Singing my favorite song!!!

See you all real soon!!!  Back to searching for some more videos!

Wendy Bongalis-Royer

Sometimes when I’m having a bad day…..

You know it’s funny, I can always tell when I’m at a rough patch.  I tend to go onto YouTube and start searching for America’s Got Talent, X Factor,  American Idol videos.   I always look for the ones who the title starts off with Simon crys, or the Judges were Wowed!   I don’t know why but I just love watching these videos.

So tonight as I was sitting here… crying of course to some of the auditions that just AMAZED ME!

It hits me like a ton of bricks………..

I LOVE these auditions because these people are fearless, they are going for what they want and they don’t CARE what anyone says!!

I must of watched 30 videos tonight!  I watch them until I get motivated again, I watch them until it sparks something deep inside of me…….

There is one video I have watched over and over again the last few days.    It’s this one…..

Every day I am watching it, sometimes 2 times a day……………

I just want you to know, I am finding that woman inside of me and when I do…………


Wendy Bongalis-Royer

90 Days Til New Year!

I get questions all the time about does Skinny Fiber work, or why isn’t this 30 pounds falling off since I took 4 capsules (what you take in 1 day)

My answer will always be the same…..  How long did it take you to gain the weight?

I just got this in my inbox from Janna!

“Saturday was mine and my husband’s 11th anniversary. We went out to dinner and had a really nice time. I felt amazing. 70lbs ago I didn’t feel this good about myself at all. I had lost myself somewhere along the way. I’m happy to say that thanks to my weight loss with the help of Skinny Fiber, I feel confident and beautiful again.”

She looks so beautiful and confident you can see it on her face!! I mean she looks glowing!!
You’ve got 90 days until it’s New Years and once again will you make a Resolution to lose weight?  Why not beat it to the punch and lose the weight before the New Year??  Imagine yourself in that sexy Black Dress having a blast with your significant other!!  (even if it is at home!)
Wendy Bongalis-Royer

Tip #12 Leading by Example……..

Dear Blog Diary,

As I sit here 2 years later looking at the people who are having success here at Skinny Body Care there is 1 thing that is consistent throughout…..

Those who are having success are definitely leading by example!!  Let me explain more what I mean….

I have been in Skinny Body Care the last 26 months.  I joined on December 7th 2010 and today is February 6th, 2013.  So for the last 26 months I have consistently remained on the leaderboard.  What does that mean?  It means that I have been in the Top 100 people who have either recruited other distributors or brought customers into Skinny Body Care consistently every month I have been here.  Well actually I think November 2012 and December 2012 I may not have been there.  (I had to do some self re-evaluation and get my head back together).

So for 24 of the last 26 months I have….  Does this mean I am bragging that I have some super powers or something?  No this JUST SIMPLY means that I am willing to do what I am asking others to do.  I have been watching VERY closely and observing people here at Skinny Body Care and it has been easy for some to hit Platinum and not so easy for others.  But if you don’t lead by example, you won’t be able to get past that Plateau in your business.  I call it the Platinum Plateau.

Here is what I mean…  Skinny Body Care announced this amazing new Bonus called the Pacesetters Bonus.


Introducing, the Skinny Body Care Pace-Setters Club!

With all the momentum and excitement we are generating around the world through our life-changing products and opportunity, we are giving YOU an opportunity to share in ALL of that growth through our Industry-changing Pace-Setters Club!

How to Qualify

Anyone who joins Skinny Body Care between February 1, 2013 and April 30, 2013 and enrolls just 3 new paid members in their first 30 days QUALIFIES!

NOTE: All Distributors who joined before February 1, 2013 also have an opportunity to qualify by enrolling 3 new paid members in 30 days. The clock starts on February 1, 2013.

Qualifiers will receive:

  1. A Pace-Setters Pin and Certificate of Achievement from our Founder
  2. Front row seating at ALL Company events
  3. EXCLUSIVE Pace-Setter Club ONLY access to a once per month conference call with top leaders and CEO Ben Glinsky to give you powerful training to continue to explode your team
  4. A share in 1% of TOTAL COMPANY BV for the entire YEAR*

Set the Foundation for Long Term Success!

It’s no secret that Skinny Body Care has a product that is changing lives around the world, and a compensation plan that could very realistically help you achieve more success than you ever have before. And the Pace Setter Club is designed to help you do that!

Your first 30 days in your business is key to setting the foundation for your long term success as it will help you achieve 4 VERY powerful things:

  1. You will earn a minimum $25 fast start bonus for each person you personally enroll for a total of $75 which puts you in PROFIT in just your first 30 days!
  2. You will show your team and EVERYBODY else in the company and in the INDUSTRY that YOU are a leader!
  3. You will qualify to attend our Pace Setter ONLY training calls that will help take your business to the next level EVERY MONTH!
  4. You will qualify to share in ALL company volume for the entire YEAR!

Congratulations! You are a SkinnyBodyCare Pace-Setter!

*To qualify for the 1% revenue sharing pool, you must maintain at least 50 BV in personal volume each month from now through December 2013. Pace Setter Club pool will be paid out the first week of January 2014 with December 2013 monthly commissions for ALL 2013 volume since January 1, 2013.


So instead of just expecting everyone else to hit the Pacesetters Bonus I went out and went to work to make sure that my family and my personal accounts were qualified BEFORE I start asking everyone else to qualify.   I have 8 accounts that I am working (for my family) and so far as of today February 6th, 3 of the accounts are qualified and the 4th is only 1 away.  I had 30 days to do it, and I will get it done.  Once I am done, that would be 24 people that would have to join me as Distributors or Customers.  Ok so what does that mean………………………..  If I can do 24 in 30 days, then everyone else should be able to do JUST 3!

What is the secret??  I BELIEVE!!  In the product and myself and what I have to offer someone if they want to do this business.  Am I the best upline in the Network Marketing industry.. Probably not because I don’t like to spend alot of my time babysitting people on the phone.  But will I spend hours chatting with you on Facebook….. YES!!   I will do training videos……..  I will come up with innovative ways to help you market your business even if I pay for it out of my own pocket…..   

Am I 100% happy with the way my matrix is filling in in Skinny Body Care… ummm No because of where I am personally building each month, it doesn’t help those who have been here for a while…  But with rotating my enrollments this month throughout all 8 of my accounts that should help others.  But one lesson I have learned THE HARD WAY, it’s soooo much easier to fill in a matrix if everyone just brought in 3 people instead of waiting for ME to bring in 24!!!

Let’s do the math….. So I bring in 24 and those 24 simply bring in 3.   That’s 96 people who would join the team instead of just my 24…………..   The math is very simple!!

The Pacesetters Bonus in January of 2014 for the year of 2013 should be way worth the effort of getting your 3!   Are you willing to do just that simple something??

If so, Join my team here:

Want to try out the product first?:

Want to look at my Facebook Webcast?  Something that I give you for free:

If you are considering joining Skinny Body Care, don’t you want to enroll under someone who is going to do the same work that  you are, not just expect you do it all?   I may not talk to you on the phone all the time and hold your hand, but I definitely will do quadruple the work I ask you to do!

Moral of this whole post???  If you want your team members to bring in 10 people in as either a distributor or customer, then you should go out and be the first one to get your 10!!

Tip #11 – Pick the Correct Mentor….

Dear Blog Diary,

So today I wanted to talk about something that has been really bothering me over the last several years.  A few years ago, I wanted to know and understand everything there was to know about Network Marketing.  So I opted into a bunch of lists of people who I thought or had heard were some awesome ‘mentors’ in the industry.  Over the course of the next few years I started to see a pattern from these self proclaimed gurus.

NONE of them are actually building a traditional Network Marketing Company.  I mean NONE of them.  They belong to this elite group of people (men and women) and I’m pretty sure they meet up at some summit like 4 times a year.  Here’s what I think they do…. They decide which one of them needs money the most during that quarter and then all of them promote that person’s training or DVD set or whatever it is they are selling.  They actually take turns!   Problem is that NOBODY else sees it???  I mean really??

If you are out looking for a mentor for this industry or someone you want to model your personal goals after, pick someone who is in a Traditional Network Marketing company.  I’m not even talking about me.  I’m talking about the 25 CURRENT Top Earners in Network Marketing.  Or even Dani Johnson who isn’t even Network Marketing anymore but has proven that she can do it.

Just because someone joined a company once, made a bunch of money doesn’t really make them someone whom I would like to mentor me.  I want someone who is still in the same company 10 years later, making some killer income to teach me what I need to know about Network Marketing.  The reason being, these fly by night (alleged) guru’s aren’t going to be able to tell you about the down times, about the times when you want to throw in the towel and give up.  They aren’t going to be able to tell you that you will have people on your own team who talk about you behind your back.  They won’t be able to tell you what to do when people are jealous or envious of you.

I want someone who is going to give me the best possible advice to keep pushing forward.  Not someone who is going to charge me $$ for it!  I mean come on really??? 

Yes of course they are 6 figure earners……….  Cause they are for sale, and people are buying into it. 

Give me a person who is still in a Traditional Network Marketing company for 10 years or more and offers their coaching for free cause they want to see other people win… That’s who I want to take my advice from…

On another similar note…  If you’re in a company and there are people there who are offering “Value” to the company.  Meaning they are doing conference calls, training & videos to help others build their organizations even if they aren’t on their team.  Please show some respect….. 

You may not consider them a leader in “YOUR EYES”  but they are obviously a leader in other people’s eyes.   Maybe you don’t see their VALUE but others do. 

It shows disrespect when you tell people that ‘so and so’ doesn’t offer any value in their efforts to help others.

How would you feel if that “Leader” left your current company and moved onto something else and most of your organization followed them?  I would consider that a Leader wouldn’t you?  If people are willing to move on too…

So before you start saying things and disrespecting your fellow team mates, consider how others may feel about them…  If this is what you are doing, you may be hindering yourself from success.

Have a super fabulous day!

Looking forward to building a dynasty with you….

Wendy Bongalis-Royer

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Tip #10 – Don’t let life get in the way!

Dear Blog Diary,

Today I wanted to talk about something that gets in the way for SOOOO many of us who work from Home.  (meaning our houses…) 

When you run an online business or one from your home, it is NO WAY near running a business in a traditional setting.  In a traditional setting, normally you would have a store front.  Something that you pay rent on, pay utilities and maybe even have some employees.

When you own a traditional business (Pizza, restaurant or Insurance Office) when life things get in the way, you still have to muster up enough energy and go and open those offices.  If you don’t then you’ll end up having to close your business.   Let me give you an example…  Let’s say you own a restaurant, you have an illness or death in the family.  You normally would take a few days off or maybe a week but you have to muster up that drive (motivation) to get yourself back to work because you are the ONLY one you can trust to run your business.  Not at all being mean here, just speaking the truth…  Just like if you had a JOB, you get some time off (too short for that matter) and then you are required to get back to punching the time clock or eventually someone else will get your job.

Ok so based on MY OWN personal experience those of us who run our businesses from the comfort of our homes, it becomes WAY TOO EASY to let LIFE get in the way of running our businesses.  We tell ourselves that we’ll get back to being 100% committed after I feel better, or after I get through this rough time. 

Here’s my advice..  Take it for what you will, it’s just advice…  Treat your home based business seriously.  Treat it as if you do have a store front and you have customers that count on you to get their product.  I know that things in Life are very SERIOUS and some are devastating but if you view a Home Based Business as if you would a traditional business you’ll be able to get back to business much faster than if you don’t.

I’ve watched people go through divorces, illnesses and even death.  They’ve always said, after I get through this I’ll get back to building my business.  Most of them never do….  It’s a sad statistic but it’s the truth.

Even though your investment in monetary VALUE is only $65.92 per month, you have to view this business as if it costs you $6,592 per month and watch how things will change for you!  It’s not about what this business costs you per month, it’s about what the business is not earning you per month, that is what you need to focus on.

If you have XX amount of time per month to work your business then treat it as if you must work those hours.  Like it’s a requirement. 

Owning a Home Based Business really is fun!  I come and go as I please, and I love that I don’t have to ask for time off to go to my son’s football game or take any of my children to the doctor.  But for me, I’ve put my time in… I’ve worked the full time hours and then some extra overtime even when I wasn’t earning any money.  But most people will give up and let life get in the way…  Just don’t fall into that trap, it’s very hard to get out of once it happens.

Well that’s it for this Tip..  Applies to ANY home based business!

To join our War on Weight go Here:   JOIN US!
To try this Awesome Product go Here:   TRY SKINNY FIBER!

Tip #9 – Steps to Success in Skinny Body Care!

Dear Blog Diary,

Yesterday (Sunday September 2nd) I did a training webinar based on what I think is Steps to your Success in SBC.  So I wanted to write out a Blog Entry on these exact steps incase some people missed this training.

Ok I am going to write this out as if you have just joined SBC Today!

You upgraded to Distributor – Now What??

1.  Become accountable!  Send out a Text Message, Post a Facebook Status Update, Send out an email to your Friends & Family letting them know you’ve decided to become healthier and lose weight.  You can post something like this:

ž“I’m starting (or use decided)a brand new 90 day weight loss challenge!  Can’t wait to get my All Natural Product.  I’ll keep you all updated on my progress.”

NOTE:  This is what will happen, since you have made a public announcement that you are going to get healthier and lose weight, it will make you want to take the product as directed and follow through with what you are doing.  YOU MUST COMMIT TO TAKING THIS PRODUCT CONSISTENTLY!  If you do this laxadaisy it will show in your results… This is  a serious issue and you must take this to heart!  As you bring people into the business you need to let them know to be serious about taking the product also!

2.   Now you must wait for your product to arrive.  During this period I think it is important to LEARN as much as you can.  Study the back office, watch some recorded training webinars located at 

  • Listen to the Audio Training in the Back Office that were done by the owner of SBC Ben Glinsky.  Go to our Team Training website located at (otherwise also known as)
  • Understand how the product works!  Watch your 90 day challenge video.  Understand the ingredients in the Skinny Fiber Product.  Know what the digestive enzymes do for you (this is a key part of our product!)
  • Take a look at some before/after photos – look at the downloads section under Resources.  There are some Free Flyers for you to download there!!    Learn your websites!  Each of the websites listed before will start with your SBC Username.  Example my username in SBC is joinskinny so my website would be  your username replaces the WWW in a website address URL.
žDepending on what you are promoting the business or just product, use the correct SBC website.  Here are the examples: (movie directs to when it’s done) In many different languages. or and (same site)

I highly looking at each of these websites and see what they do.. Opt into your own website with a different email address to get the PreEnrollee emails that your business prospects will receive. 

  • The websites highlighted in Yellow above are business/opportunity building websites.
  • The websites highlighted in Blue above are your Skinny Fiber Product Only site (with the exception of on that site someone can join as a Distributor or Preferred Customer with either product)
  • The websites highlighted in Gree above are your Ageless specific websites.

Understand each of the websites above and what they do for your business!  These are ALL FREE as part of your membership you paid to join SBC, the one time $10 fee to become a distributor.

3.  You receive the product!!  YEAH!!  Start taking it consistently… Know your body & know your health.  Go back through this blog and read the product tips and understand if you should take the product 3 capsules 2x a day (for a total of 6).  Drink plenty of water and BE COMMITTED to taking the product. 

  • Take before pictures – tight fitting clothes!
  • Take your measurements:  Neck, R & L Arm, R & L Thighs, Hips, Waist and Chest
  • Let those people you are accountable to in Step 1 know you have received your product and starting taking it!

As a side note on taking the product.  If you signed up with 1 bottle that is 120 capsules.  If you are unhealthy like me and start taking 6 capsules per day that will last you a total of 20 days.  In those first 20 days you may NOT notice any weight loss.  But you will experience other benefits.  Like sleeping better and feeling great (see my Blog Tip on how you will know if the product is working for you!)  If you are feeling great after about the 15th day, you are going to want to login to your account and order more product to finish out the month.  You could of joined with one of the bigger packs which will take care of this problem but if you didn’t.  Login and order at least the Buy 2 get 1 Free.  This will upgrade you to a Silver Ranked Distributor for all of the 2nd month you are in and give you some extra product for you to use to get healthy.  You can sell the 3rd bottle or give it to your spouse so they can also join the challenge with you….  Tag teams of husband/wives do awesome together on these challenges!

4.  Create some type of documentation for yourself.  A journal or diary of your progress on the product.   Make sure it’s public (online) do it on your Facebook Personal account under the link that says Life Event.  Use your Facebook page to document your milestones with the product.  You can also create a Blog like I have here but I think Life Events on Facebook will do wonders for you (also in the growth of your business eventually!).  Update your progress frequently (maybe weekly) and always be honest.  Pictures speak 1,000 words!

5.  Now it’s time to share!!  You’re happy with your progress, you’re feeling great and losing weight so TELL EVERYONE you know about what you are doing.  Direct them to the appropriate site depending on what they want to do (make money or lose weight or both!)

6.  Fortune is in the Follow Up!!  If you have preferred customers ordering from your sites make sure you follow up with them that they are taking the product and motivate them to lose weight.  They will begin to trust you and want to share their journey with you.  Keep them accountable!   Make a Facebook Weight loss support group or connect with them in some way.   Some of your best business builders will be Preferred Customers who decide to join you as a Distributor after they are happy with the product.  Know how a Preferred Customer upgrades to Distributor.

7.  You will start to Earn Fast Start Bonus money as people order from your site.  Understand the difference between now money and Long Term Residual Income.  As you are getting preenrollees taking the tour, send them this video and it will help them decide if they want to join.

8.  Team Building!  Teach your Distributors these simple same steps. If it seems too simple, it really is!  Don’t try to complicate building an SBC business.  People are making some amazing money and not really understanding how everything even works!  They just know the product works and they are sharing it!

There are so many tools (online & offline) to help you expose your business (website links)…  You can find some at and also under our training website under the Resources and then Marketing Tools.

We are ALL really just doing Word of Mouth Advertising and getting paid for it, we are sharing an amazing product that is helping so many people!  Including myself, take a look at my most recent before/after photo!  Because of my health issues I’ve only lost 5 pounds but over 30+ inches!

Some people are losing their weight over time!  Take a look at Stephanie with her progress after 1 year.  She looks AMAZING!

These photos/testimonials are why I will ALWAYS share Skinny Fiber!!

Have a super day!  And I hope I have laid out your steps to success in SBC!

Wendy Bongalis-Royer
Today and expert on getting started right!

If you aren’t already in SBC check out the links below!!

Get started today on our War Against Weight as a Crusader!  JOIN HERE!

Order the Product as a Preferred Customer to try Skinny Fiber!  ORDER HERE!

Tip #8 – Finding your Focus!

Dear Blog Diary,

Normally I would of saved this type of tip until later on in my tips but today I decided that I needed to post about this issue.  You see I have only been involved in true Network Marketing (a company that has a product or service) since 2005.. Actually, you can read back all the way through this blog and see my posts about all of it, all the companies I tried and even back in 2010 where I thought Multiple Streams of Income was OK!….

Do you want to know the absolute truth???  I posted that in April of 2010 (don’t believe me go search out my post on this blog, I didn’t delete it for that very reason I wanted to prove a point) because I wasn’t making ANY money in any of the things I tried back then.  It was something I told everyone because I thought if ONE of the things I was doing took off then I’d be OK.  Anyone who tells you or says they believe in Multiple Streams of income, it’s because they aren’t making any money at any of them…  I’m not just saying that because I think I am all high and mighty, I am saying that from FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE.   If you happen across someone’s Facebook Wall and they are posting numerous deals… Cell Phone, Coffee, and Weight Loss.. I’d move on to find another sponsor in a company I was interested in because they won’t be very good at supporting you in your new business venture.  Find someone who is 1000% dedicated to that opportunity you are looking at and are interested in and RUN with it!  Did you ever hear that old saying about burning the candle at both ends?  Or pulling yourself in too many different directions.  Someone several years ago with the burst of the Internet said Multiple Streams of Income was OK and everyone believed them………


Anyway, onto my post for today…………..   As I think about my Tip for the day I had to think long and hard about my very FIRST experience in Network Marketing.  It was 2005 and I was a newbie, it was in Vemma (not like it’s not posted on my Blog) *who by the way is doing awesome to this day*………  and I didn’t really know any better.  I had some computer skills (was in Information Technology) so I knew my way around the computer a little bit.  Internet EMail Marketing was just taking off and a guy named Chris Small from Vancover British Columbia took me under his wing and taught me all about Massive Mailing Servers.  He taught me how to get them setup (pay someone) and taught me how to write HTML email messages.  He taught me how to track the click’s and opens… I mean it is a HUGE lengthy process!!  Something that I didn’t just learn over night and it was NOT CHEAP!  So to him I owe a DEBT OF GRATITUDE!  To this day I still have a business relationship with him and also a great friendship.  Anyway, I used this method to build my Vemma business using a tool called VemmaBuilder……..   I probably should mention that this type of advertising isn’t working the way it used to.  Spam filters are really strict, email providers have rules and people just don’t read their emails like they used to.

Do you want to know why I left Vemma?  I lost my focus….  I blamed it on my enroller, ended up NOT liking her at all… We butted heads way too much and I just couldn’t find the drive to build it again, I had already done it 4 other times in Vemma……….  In 2005 I hit Executive there in 10 months (don’t believe me go read my old blog posts!)  Recognized at Corporate Events, won an iPod and an iPhone while I was with them…  But in the end, when I left the business I sold out to my upline (also literally, she bought my positions)………..  To my own Ego and Stubbornness.  Sometimes I wonder where I would be 7 years later if I had stayed there……..

So here is my point….   This is what I suggest you do when getting involved with Network Marketing.

1.  Find a product that is desirable to the masses and you can stand behind 100%
2.  Find a system that is duplicatable by the masses
3.  Find an Owner you don’t mind making rich (cause if he/she is an asshole it will bother you that you are making them money eventually!!)
4.  Find a group of people that you want to help succeed!
5.  NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER lose your focus or get distracted

You may not like me in my current company.  You may not like the fact that I swear once in a while. 

But here is what I do know………

I have built 9 separate positions to Platinum, 3 separate positions to Diamond and 1 separate position to Crown Diamond in Skinny Body Care all in 20 months of getting my ass to work!  You will NEVER see me not bringing people into this company each and every month.  I don’t ask you to do what I am NOT willing to do myself. 

Even if my income drops I will NOT run away to the next shiny new company to hit the Internet.    I am here to help you and teach you as much as I can to get you to where you want to be in life and in this company.   So even if you don’t like me, don’t care for me or absolutely have no RESPECT for me then it’s all good!! Don’t make the mistake I made and leave a good company just because of my own foolish ego….

I have watched several really great people whom I admire and have come to Love in Skinny Body Care who reached the rank of Platinum (which is the beginning of financial freedom) just let their businesses die because once they reached that rank they thought they didn’t have to do anymore work.  Instead of digging in EVEN HARDER and getting off their asses they wanted everyone to do all the work for them.  Once they hit Platinum you NEVER saw them welcoming new people to the group or even promoting the company any more.   They just thought it would be smooth sailing to Diamond…

Well it doesn’t work that way, True Financial Freedom wouldn’t come until Royal Crown Diamond.  I’m not even there yet….  Every single month, my BV resets to 0.  My Rank Advancement resets to 0 and I GO TO WORK!!!!!!!!! I start off with the Goal of Bronze and work my way up every single month.   Just because you hit Platinum one month and don’t hit it again the next month, doesn’t mean you should give up…..  START OVER and do it again!  If you’ve done it once you can do it again, you’ve proven to yourself you can!

This product is LITERALLY helping so many people lose weight and get healthy why in the world would you want to go promote a cell phone deal????????  You must not of believed in the product enough to want to share it with the masses.  Those people who’s lives are forever changed by this product or company will be the one’s who are the most successful.

Done with my rant for the day, but I believe it applies to any company that you choose to join! 

Find one you love and go to work!

Oh and one more thing while I am on my rant……..   Maybe I consider myself a Self Proclaimed leader but I think the “LEADERS” in this industry need to step up and SAY NO MORE SCAMS!  Be vocal about it when one comes out… Issue warnings and tell everyone you know not to get involved.  Innocent people are getting hurt out there… DON’T YOU CARE ANYMORE??

Wendy Bongalis-Royer
Tonight just an expert on Ego’s

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